Beautifully Crafted Woodturned Urns 

These woodturned commemorative urns, crafted with utmost care and artistry, provide a beautiful resting place for a loved one. Each of the commemorative urns is meticulously crafted by Joe to his incredibly high standard.

The wood is specially selected by Joe for its beauty and longevity to ensure the chosen piece will last for many years to come. The chosen piece will be crafted and manipulated to enhance its natural beauty, whilst still being sustainable and eco-friendly, making it truly special and personal to pass through the generations. 

Joe combines his passion for woodturning with an eye for detail, creating a unique and naturally stunning urn that will capture the essence of your loved ones spirit. Each and every wooden urn is a special piece of art and not like any other, symbolising a life well-lived and remembrance. 

“I am always honoured to play a part in preserving the precious memories of clients loved ones”

If you have any questions or would like assistance in selecting the perfect urn, please don't hesitate to contact Joe. He can craft wooden urns for a wide range of uses, and is happy to cater to all requirements and ideas you may have, as well as selecting appropriate materials based on the clients specifications. 


Commemorative Urns

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