Woodturning Courses

Join Joe in his passion for Woodturning

Whether you are looking for professional woodturning tuition or commission work, Joe Creed-Kaile can accommodate to your every need. The highly experienced woodturner with a vast amount of knowledge can guide and teach students to producing intricate designs and pieces to be proud of. Alongside his tutoring, he creates his own well-known artistic hollow forms that are exceptionally sought after all over the world. Joe often gets requests to make peoples thoughts and ideas come to life by using his expansive knowledge of the craft. By knowing the wood and wanting to keep its naturally beautiful features, Joe is able to work with it thoughtfully yet still ensuring the grain, colour, and texture are still showcased and accentuated to highlight the characteristics. 
Contact Joe by email on info@joecreedkaile.co.uk, or call directly on 01305 602136 for woodturning courses and to commission bespoke wood turned pieces.

Joe sitting on floor with urns all around him

Hollow forms before taking their recognisable features 


joe sitting on floor covered in sawdust with two unfinished urns

Commission piece specified by the clients design

wood turned goblet

A simplistic way using light to establish wall thickness on a students bowl

Joe Woodturning in his workshop in Somerset

 Shaping a hollow form commemorative urn for a clients beloved pet

Woodturning Courses

If you would like to try a new craft from an expert in his field, whilst learn an exciting and satisfying new skill or hobby, Joes woodturning courses can be just the thing. In the tuition experience day, you can learn at your own pace in a relaxed and comfortable environment knowing Joe is there for guidance, as well as turning a piece that will be your proud momento of the day.

If you are already a practiced woodturner and would like to learn more, Joes tuition is a great assistance to anyone looking to improve their technique, accuracy and efficiency. If you are having any particular difficulties or issues in the craft, these sessions can be perfect for establishing new good habits from somebody who has experienced this previously too. 

Click here to find out more about woodturning, and book a lesson with Joe.

Commissioned Pieces

Would you like to have a custom made piece, handcrafted for you out of a chosen material? Joe Creed-Kaile can create the piece you have in mind. Each commission is truly individual and delicately turned, whether it is for interior design and decor or artistic centrepieces for display. If you have a vision, Joe can work with you to make initial ideas into exactly what you had in mind. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn about woodturning?

You can book woodturning courses right here on the website. If you are a beginner, you will be introduced to every aspect of woodturning, starting with safe practice at the lathe.

Do you teach more advanced lessons?

Yes. Anyone embarking on a woodturning career or just looking to hone their skills, Joe offers advanced woodturning courses, enabling you to focus on particular areas or learn new techniques  and become more precise and efficient in your woodturning craft.

What is the secret to good woodturning?

“Patience. There is no such thing as a mistake in woodturning, only learning opportunities. Although I would say it pays to pay attention to the shape of your piece as it is being turned, rather than the cutting edge of your tool. This comes with practice.”

Which materials can you work with? 

“I often use damaged wood by natural causes to give it a new lease of life, this means they are both recycled and locally sourced. Likewise if you have a particular commission you have in mind, I can source almost any wood for you.”

Why come to Joe Creed-Kaile?

As one of Britain's youngest professional woodturners, an approved tutor with the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain, as well as being a Yeoman to the Worshipful Company of Turners, Joe is set to be one of the foremost woodturners in the country. If you are looking for woodturning courses with a patient and insightful tutor, passionate about their work and improving the craft, look no further than Joe Creed-Kaile.


If you are interested in booking woodturning courses, either for yourself, a couple, or a gift for a family member or friend, contact Joe by email on info@joecreedkaile.co.uk, or call directly on 01305 602136.


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