English Yew Pet Urn (140)


English Yew Pet Urn

Finished with an African Blackwood

hand threaded lid and foot.

Capacity 1000ml

Approx. height 22cm


"Each urn takes approximately a year to produce from start to finish. This varies slightly dependant on the species of wood used and the size of the finished piece but the process is always the same. Keeping the moisture content of the wood at the perfect level is crucial to give a lifespan that will last for generations to come so this is monitored very carefully throughout.

Securing urns is completed by a hand cut wooden thread, nothing is machine made, you really get to appreciate the precision and craftmanship that goes in to each individual piece."  Joe Creed-Kaile


 Size required

The capacity of the urns is measured in millilitres and your crematorium will be able to help you with this. An approximate guide would be 35ml of cremation ash per 1kg of body weight. For example:

Domestic cat of 5-7kg will require an urn of 175-245ml capacity

Labrador Retriever of 26-30kg will require an urn of 910-1050ml capacity


 Looking after my Urn

Each urn is finished with an industrial cellulose lacquer giving the best protection for the wood.  It is recommended that it is kept out of direct sunlight and cleaned with a dry microfibre cloth only.




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