Woodturner in Dorset and Somerset


Joe started woodturning as a young man with the guidance from his Grandfather and was soon introduced to one of the most renowned woodturning artists worldwide, Stuart Mortimer.

Joe became the youngest approved tutor at just 16 years and in 2019 was awarded The Worshipful Company of Turners Bursary.  He then went on to be recognised by the Register of Professional Turners and his artwork is now in high demand by investors and collectors alike.

 Joe specialises in Hollow Form work and his eye for detail is incredible.


 “The majority of my pieces start on paper with the design process, an area I enjoy immensely. Sometimes the inspiration comes from the piece of wood itself, but more often than not it begins with an idea at 3am.

Shape is paramount, I have a strong belief that hollow forms are far more aesthetically pleasing with a constant curve. Flat surfaces are to be avoided – in my opinion they ruin the flow of the piece and reflect light in a way that just does not enhance the artwork.”



 All content and images copyright to Joe Creed-Kaile

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